The pieces in this series comprise my undergraduate work, which conceptually stemmed from my mother's terminal diagnosis (ALS / Lou Gehrig's disease) and my time as her co-caretaker. 

Pictured in the first two images, Inelegant Degeneration: & Then There Was None is a visual metaphor for the disease progression of ALS--a series of seven boxes, each covered with screen-printed fabric (degenerating motor neurons) and topped with progressively burned candles. 

Pictured in the last image, Stale Hope: Too Much Was Never Enough is a statement about the compartmentalization of pain and how pain impacts us no matter how we try to keep it neatly tucked away. Stale Hope is a double-weave with plastic packaging from medical shipments, dental floss, coffee, baby wipes--all materials used in my mother's care-taking.


photographs (c) Cliff Hollis